BITCOIN – The Zombie Currency

Episode #55 – Bitcoin is a zombie of a currency. You can kill it, but it just won’t die!


– Bitcoin died 140 times as of this video
– Last was written by Frank Chaparro of Morgan Stanley in a Yahoo article dated July 12, 2017 when BTC was at $2500
– GREAT MARKETING for bitcoin! – I mean, if you keep saying something is dead, and then it rises from the grave and keeps on ticking… somethings up!

– Remember, bitcoin is a dynamic system that evolves over time

QUESTION IS – where to? to what? which direction will it evolve?

– Every attack on Bitcoin makes it stronger
– Attack the resilience of bitcoin? – Becomes more decentralized
– Attack bitcoin anonymity? – Becomes more anonymous

– The more you attack it, the stronger it gets

– Ban it
– Regulate it into oblivion
– Hack it

Well, all of this is already happening, or in the process of happening.
– Bitcoin is a dynamic anti-fragile system (watch my video on FORKING)

BITCOIN cannot be uninvented. It’s here to stay.
It’s the ZOMBIE technology of the 21st century. It’ll never die. (WHAT IS DEAD WILL NEVER DIE).

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